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Own a Franic Franchise


With no shortage of demand for trailers in both consumer and business industry,
owning a Franic Franchise allows you to manage a financially viable business
with a reputable brand behind you.

Why Franic?

Franchise Model

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Why own a Franic Franchise?


Brand you can trust

We have over 2 decades of rental experience helping us to manufacturing strong and versatile trailers for trailer rental purposes.

Affordable for any business

We have by far the most affordable trailers in the market with savings up to R10,000 for similiar trailers.

Get started fast!

You can be in operational within 2 weeks after completing the signup process.

Low input cost

You only pay a 3rd of the trailer price with the remainder paid off per month until settled in full.

Guaranteed ROI

Each trailer you purchase guarantees a return on investment with only a single customer per week!

Payment Rewards

We rewards good paying franchises with deductions of up to 100% of their rental fees from their remaining trailer balances.

Low Financial Risk

Undamaged trailers can be returned for their full deposit or swopped out for for ones that suites your clients better.

Experienced Business Model

We share our business model with all franchises along with critical resources to simplify your daily operations.


+ who we are + our fleet + own a franchise

Our Franchise Model


Our franchise model allows owners to start with low input cost
and grow their business based on their market size.

1. Sign Up

An initiation fee of R1500 is required which will go towards a personalised 1.8m x 900m sign and 2 contract books (100 contracts each)

2. Purchase your fleet

You have access to our discounted Franic trailers by paying only a deposit of 1/3 of the trailer(s) price with the oustanding payable through our "rent to buy" plan outlined next.

3. Monthly Fees

Each Franic Trailer has a set monthly fee which allows you to use the trailer for an unlimited amount of customers and sales.

4. Settling outstanding amounts

Should you pay your monthly fee before the 7th of each monthy, we will deduct 50% of your rental fee for that month from your outstanding balance for the individual trailer.

5. Payment Rewards

Should you pay double your monthly rental fee before the 7th, the entire amount will be deducted from your outstanding settlement and no rental fees will liable for that month.

6. Settlement

Once the entire purchase price has been paid, either by rental fees or cash settlement, you'll own the trailer and will not be liable for any further rental costs.

7. Partnership

We work with all Franic Franchises and offer years of expertize and resources like new trailers, contract books and resources and marketing via our website and social media.

8. Returns

Undamaged trailers can be returned for their full refund or swopped out for other trailers which may better suite their client base and market.


franchise cost calculator

X Faith - 2.4 x 1.5m (1/2 ton)
X Hope - 4 x 1.7m (2 ton)
X Moto - 5 x 2m (2 ton)
X Peace - 4 x 1.7m (1 ton)
X Trust - 3 x 1.7m (1 ton)
Initiation Fee: R0.00
Deposit: R0.00
Monthly Fee: R0.00
Min Income: R0.00
Average Income: R0.00
Max Income: R0.00

Income amounts calculated at rental per trailer on a minimum 1 day, 3 days or 5 days rentals per week along with current market rental fees.

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